The wisdom of the bamboo tree

A symbol of good luck in most asian cultures, the bamboo tree has a special story to tell, being the plant with the fastest growth on planet earth. Despite that, if you plant a bamboo seed today, you will not see any sprouts for approximately seven years.
It doesn’t have anything to do with the soil, the water or the temperature. You will keep watering it for years, but nothing will ever grow from it.

And at that point, magic happens: in those 7 years of internal work, the bamboo tree has grown inward, producing enormous roots to sustain its future life and development. Nothing was surfacing because the plant had to direct all its strength towards its roots, laying invisibly under the ground.
And after that, the bamboo plant will grow approximately 32 meters (80 feet) every month.AAEAAQAAAAAAAAKoAAAAJDQ1YTY2ZjJiLTRiNmItNDZmNi04MjE2LWU1ZjAzYWVkY2RhZA.jpg
This is precisely what happens when human beings start a journey of self development and internal healing. We expect the change to be quick and for it to rapidly unfold before our eyes, although many years might pass and we end up standing in the exact same point where we started. We should not despair: change will happen and we must never lose faith. By working on ourselves and strengthening our system, focusing on what we truly want and keeping motivated, we will be ready to blossom when the time is right.
Change requires time, patience and self love. It might take us a while, as if we were bamboo trees, but once the time is right… Carpe Diem (Seize the day, grab the moment).
Nobody will stop our fast growth, harvested with love.

Kiki Hermetic Kitten

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