Why I write in English (even if it is not my native language)

Happy New Year, everyone! I will be writing mostly in English on my website, because not only do I find the English language to be the most accessible code to the vast majority of people, but it also allows me to express my thoughts and feelings in an easier way. I do not exclude the possibility to sometimes write in Spanish, Italian and French in the near future. It will mostly depend on my mood, I often swing back and forth with languages. Bear with me!
If English is not your native language, maybe this will boost your language acquisition and give you a chance to learn new words and improve your knowledge. If English is your native language, you will probably teach me a lot. That’s a win-win situation for all of us.

I believe exercise is one of the keys to success. Repetition boosts learning. Obviously, you need to follow your natural tendencies in order to succeed in any field and if you choose to focus on something you are particularly good at, the chances of succeeding multiply. You need to find out what you are naturally good at ( let’s postpone this discussion for now).  But as far as languages are concerned, I believe you will never truly make a language yours if you do not fully dive into it. That is why I make videos in multiple languages and this is why I have been writing half of my journals in English for the past 7 years. Am I good at it? Not entirely. I am not that bad at it, but I can’t say my language is flawless. At least I try. I want to set a good example, as it is always worth giving it a shot if you feel like doing it. Follow your gut instinct in any sphere of your life. Only pay attention to constructive criticism and do not let negative/useless remarks get to you.
Although some people feel like negative remarks can be challenging and useful, I consider them an expression of repressed anger and downright jealousy. It does not serve you well, therefore do not allow it in your life. Only pay attention to those you think highly of. Teachers, professionals, mentors, highly intelligent people: you will find out they never express themselves in rude, gratuitously negative terms.
You choose what to allow in your life.

Thank you for following me on this journey! More posts will come.
I appreciate every comment I get. Feel free to let me know if you want me to tackle any subject in particular.
Let’s start the New Year now!
Kiki Hermetic Kitten


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Hello! I am Kiki and I make ASMR videos on youtube. My aim is to relax you and tingle you! I am a translator who also happens to write a lot. Being a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I am also very fond of languages. I hope you will have fun on my website! Love and hugs Kiki

15 thoughts on “Why I write in English (even if it is not my native language)

  1. 2017 just got off to an even better start than I could ever have imagined. You’re the only book I ever want to read lol 🙂 Every time a page gets turned it’s another wonderful heart warming smile producing new chapter. I will read this all, but not rushed 🙂


  2. Well, you have mentioned that you’re not really good at English but I’m telling you, your speaking and writing are better than most of the native English speaker. P.s happy New Years!

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  3. Very interesting Kiki, and first of all, I have to say that your English writing, as ever, is beautiful and flawless, with perfect structure and grammar, with a wide vocabulary – and I would challenge anyone to detect that it was not your native language! I find it quite worrying to notice that the writing and spelling skills of native English speakers seems to be becoming gradually worse!!
    I think English for about half your writing is a good mix, I love picking up more and more words and phrases in your other languages. You are right that to learn a language to a useful level, you really do have to dive in, and study and practise hard.
    I always love reading what you write. Are you going to start writing more fiction? The fragment of a story that you shared the other day certainly got me interested!
    ~ Peter

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      1. And likewise to you, dear Kiki, your kind words mean a lot to me too. Hugs and meows right back at you! 💕💕


  4. dios Kiki no sé como lo llevas con algunos comentarios que estoy leyendo, no pierdas tiempo contestandole a personas tan ignorantes que se creen que lo saben todo ellos, que dan asco en serio. Sigue haciendo lo que te da la gana, que los demas te respeten. por cierto, gracias a tí he aprendido un poco de italiano. eres la mejor!!!

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