5 feasible New Year Resolutions

According to the Cambridge dictionary, a New Year Resolution is:

“A  promise that you make to yourself to start doing something good or stop doing something bad on the first day of the year”.

 In response to this easy definition, we often set painfully high standards and we therefore end up feeling frustrated when our good resolutions get lost, one by one, along the year.
A good exercise for 2017 is to choose feasible resolutions and pantiently work to meet your goals. Here are some ideas that you might find interesting for your own journey:

  • Let go of control:
    This year, try to let go of that urge to always be in control. Think of life as a beautiful cruise ship with many holes at the bottom. You can choose to panic because it might sink or try to fix those holes as best you might. In the meantime, you might choose to use your fresh and clear mind to plan exit strategies. You know you will be safe. Try to stay calm when you feel like you are losing control and most importantly, dny1.jpgo know that we are all on the same (partially sinking but oddly entetraining) boat.
    Start by saying to yourself: ” You know what? It’s okay. I’ll do my best. It’ll get better”.
  • Appreciate more:
    Take some time every single day to appreciate what you have. This might require as little as  five minutes as you wake up. Try to be consistent with it, even if some days you will feel less motivated to do so. Take a deep breath and say:
    ” I am grateful for what I have. I am grateful to be here “. Do not forget to include the peopgrat.jpgle in your life you are grateful for as well as your own personality traits. Include anything you love. When you go out for a walk, appreciate the intensity of colors, the wind blowing through your hair or the gentle sound of the sea. When you eat, appreciate the taste of food, eating slowly and enjoying every bite. After the first quarter of the year, briefly write down all the benefits you got from exercising gratitude and appreciation. You can repeat the process in the following quarters and keep track of the improvements.
  • Take good care of yourself:
    This is a broad subject which definitely deserves a post of its own. Taking good care of yourself may include changing your diet, building up a workout routine that works for you, being more gentle with yourself and stop being so strict with yourself. 
    This resolution might seem challenging because it touches many spheres of your life all at once, but just the act of making the conscious decision to take good care of yourself can bring amazing improvements into your life. tumblr_inline_n93b6oNKQS1qbhzja.png
    Whatever it is that you do for a living, do not forget about your needs and your overall well-being. If you struggle with any addiction, instead of trying to give it up all at once, try to take small steps forward in a gentle way. What is more important, REMEMBER to reward yourself for your accomplishments, no matter how small they seem. The change is going to be slow but steady and it is going to get you where you need to be sooner than you expect.
  • Fill your life with all the things you love:
    Take this year as an opportunity to do more of what you love. You can achieve this by taking small steps to improve your current lifestyle. It can take a few hours a month or  you can do this on a weekly basis. Totally up to you!
    Yopalle.jpgu may choose to dedicate some extra time to your favourite hobby (which you might have sort of kept  to yourself) or go to an art gallery to connect with the type of art you love. If you like painting or drawing,  definitely devote a few hours a week to that. You might also decide to open your own little crafts shop or a small business related to your hobby. If you like writing, try to write a small amount every single day, even it the result does not seem promising at first.Going on short trips or hiking might also be a good option, just like going to the cinema or  having dinner out with a friend from time to time. You might also decide to join an evening course or  a meditation group. Do whatever it takes to fill your live with the thing you love the most. You will see great improvement in your overall feelings.
  • Open up to Love:
    This might not apply to many of you, but if you have felt as if you were stuck in a series of unhealthy patterns or if you have somehow lost hope when it comes to Love and relationships, take this year to gradually open up. Start by creating a list of all the characteristic you associate with your soulmate. Use soulmate meditation to enter a more relaxed and receptive mood. If you put into practise all the steps I mentioned above, you will naturally enter a higher vibrational state, by taking good care of yourself and following your inner calling. This will naturally attract the right mate for you. Do not forget that when you enter a higher vibration du6ab3c-making-love-art.jpge to the work you have done on yourself, the most suitable candidate to be your life partner changes with you. Therefore, you will  not engage in toxic relationships like you might have done in the past and you will no longer be attracted to the type of people you did like in the past. Give yourself and your inner being some time to adjust to the change. When the time is right, you will attract the perfect soulmate to match your idea of love and life.

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I wish you all a year full of abundance, happiness, self-development, well-being, true love and peace. Thank you for being so special!
Kiki Hermetic Kitten


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Hello! I am Kiki and I make ASMR videos on youtube. My aim is to relax you and tingle you! I am a translator who also happens to write a lot. Being a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I am also very fond of languages. I hope you will have fun on my website! Love and hugs Kiki

7 thoughts on “5 feasible New Year Resolutions

  1. Such solid positive down to earth advice. I see a few that I know I can work on and am working on. I hope you follow your own advice Kiki. I know from experience that giving advice is easier than doing it for oneself because we give, and want to give, and that satisfies us in so many ways but we also need to take care of ourselves, as you wrote above, so my advice to you is to follow through with yours. Now you are getting your own advice from another so no excuses hehe 🙂 You keep amazing me. 🙂


    1. I definitely agree with you, dear Allan 😊 I came up with these resolutions a long time ago and it took a while to put them into practice. It is totally worth it and we should all focus on them along the year. Have a fantastic day! love xx


  2. This is really great and wise advice, I love this page! I used to make huge lists of goals and resolutions for the new year, but I stopped doing that because I was finding myself getting overwhelmed with too many changes at once, and becoming discouraged with myself when I couldn’t keep up with unrealistic expectations! I do, however think New Year is an excellent time to take time to think of more general changes that can be made easily. The cruise ship that is life (I love that!), cannot suddenly change direction, it needs constant daily nudging in the right direction, and that momentum that is built up, will carry you easily into more successful waters!
    I completely agree that taking holidays or time out from the normal routine, or doing a new course in something, is always a very healthy thing to do, and early in the year is a good time to make plans – I have been doing this myself.
    I think you seriously could write an amazing article on each of the separate points you have put here, Kiki. Or even a complete book!
    ~ Peter xx


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