When you feel sad, look for signs!

When you’re in need, when you feel down and hopeless, look around for signs. They will show up to heal you and make you feel blessed every step of the way. We can easily get so caught up in our fears that we forget to appreciate the miracle of light and air and simple daily charms. ✨Being overly ambitious or too strict with ourselves is a toxic habit. We need more acceptance and positivity, consciously making an effort to become bringers of light and joy in people’s lives (as well as our own). How do you want to remember your time spent on this earth? Some will focus on their career, some will focus on their relatioships with others, some will focus on their spiritual development. And at the end of the day, we are all human beings trying to find themselves and we all need more love. So instead of making yourself a magnet of negativity, bitterness and judgement, try to think of your highest good and that of others, treat people with kindness. And the first one who needs kindness is YOU. So you do you. And when you forget that you’re an infinite being graced to live in a set time-space reality, look around for signs. Many want you to be happy. ~ Kiki



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Hello! I am Kiki and I make ASMR videos on youtube. My aim is to relax you and tingle you! I am a translator who also happens to write a lot. Being a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I am also very fond of languages. I hope you will have fun on my website! Love and hugs Kiki

One thought on “When you feel sad, look for signs!

  1. This made a lot of sense to me, I was completely over-ambitious and career focussed while working in London in my 20’s – at the total expense of finding any happiness in the rest of my life. Although I loved the work, I regret it now. That wrong path and the low self-image and anxiety resulting from it, has taken years to gradually put right and I have changed my priorities and broken many cycles of negative thinking. Books, youtube channels, LOA, and ASMR too, have been the things (signs) that I have found, always just at the right times when I was feeling incredibly down, and they have helped me so so much! It is so important to learn not worry about what others think or be ashamed to spend time on yourself. When you do that, you will naturally start to feel kinder and more understanding to others. You can learn to manifest happiness! Thank you Kiki 💛

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