8 tingly ASMR things about Autumn

Autumn has been my favourite season since I was a little girl. It is so charming and appealing to me that even as an adult, the slightest thought of it makes me tingle.
I loved preparing for a new year of school, buying stationery and enjoying the chilly autumnal air on my face.
Here is a list of charming things I absolutely love about this magnificent season.

  • The stunning colors of nature. Light and dark share of red gracefully mix with yellow, orange and brown. It is stunning to look at. Definitely a visual trigger for me.
  • Crinkly sounds and boots. Stepping on dry leaves with your boots on is the tingliest autumnal sensation I recall. The sounds produced by shoes on leaves are absolutely mesmerizing. I also used to enjoy walking on gravel.
  • The smell of roasted chestnuts. If you have ever visited Rome in Autumn, you will definitely remember the smell of gorgeous roasted chestnuts through the narrow streets of the centre. I have no idea if that amazing smell is common in other countries, it is one of those smells I always link to this season. It’s an olfactory trigger!
  • Halloween pumpkins. Halloween wasn’t always celebrated in Italy, infact we started relatively late, about fifteen years ago. Nowadays you can find pumpkins to carve everywhere and I absolutely love doing that. The sounds of carving and the feel of the pumpkin itself is really tingly to think of. I also love pumpkin soup, so that’s a win win situation.
    fall at 2.jpg
  • Seasonal fruits and vegetables. The smells and colors of the seasonal fruits and vegetables are almost as stunning as the sight of nature. I love berries and squashes, red apples and grapes. Those graceful shades of red and purple and orange are a treat to the eyes and to the tummy. Ever so tingly to look at.
    fall at 8.jpg
  • Warm beverages and blankets. There are only a few things I enjoy more than the sensation of chilly autumnal air on my face or enjoying a warm cup of coffee with a blanket on my lap. I tingle at the thought.
  • Quiet time with your favourite books. Books are soul companions and enjoying them in Autumn is a special and fantastic activity. You can allow yourself to get absorbed by the story and let a couple of hours pass by without even noticing. I can almost feel a sequence of tingles on my skin as I think of warmth and books.
  • Cozy clothing. Loose jumpers, comfortable hoodies and warmer shirts. The sensation of warm clothing is so relaxing and comforting… and Winter makes it even better!

I hope you liked my list of Tingly Things. What makes you tingle about Autumn? Have you ever felt any of these sensations? Let me know! And Happy end of the Fall Season!

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Hello! I am Kiki and I make ASMR videos on youtube. My aim is to relax you and tingle you! I am a translator who also happens to write a lot. Being a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I am also very fond of languages. I hope you will have fun on my website! Love and hugs Kiki

6 thoughts on “8 tingly ASMR things about Autumn

  1. Kiki hai ragione, l’autunno è speciale. Mi ricordo che quando andavo alle elementari la mia maestra in autunno raccoglieva le foglie per poi portarle in classe, così facevamo dei bellissimi lavoretti.
    Dell’autunno io adoro tante cose, ma soprattutto le verdure! In queste settimane in particolare mi piace mangiare il riso integrale con la zucca, buonissimo.
    Un bacione Kiki <3<3

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Che bella ricetta, Giorgia! Devo provare il riso integrale per fare il risotto! E che bei ricordi, anche io alle elementari adoravo i lavoretti autunnali con le foglie 🍁🍂 un abbraccio grande 🌰


  2. This is such a positive and very heart warming article and I love all the things you describe here. I also love to walk through piles of leaves, and kick them about. I enjoy seeing the shiny conkers from horse chestnut trees as this takes me straight back to early school days when we used them to play ‘conkers’. I think schools ban that game these days – how silly. I also get memories of my father roasting sweet chestnuts on the fireplace in our lounge, or outside on the hot ashes of a bonfire. And like you say, nothing much is better than being snuggled under a blanket on the sofa with a good book and a hot drink, on these darker evenings. 🍂 🌰 🍵 📚 ❤ x


  3. El aire fresco de la mañana con esa luz que dibuja las casas con timidez, caminar asi cuando empieza el día y sentir el aroma de las panaderias que preparan todo temprano, el aroma del café y el chocolate.
    Mirar la lluvia por la ventana mientras tomo un té, salir también cuando llueve y ver como resalta ese color naranja de los árboles con la llovizna, leer sin darme cuenta que el tiempo pasa, pasear por librerias y descubrir algo nuevo.
    Caminar por los parques haciendo ruidos con las hojas, sentarme a respirar tranquilidad ahí y mirar los rayos de Sol que otra vez abrazan los árboles pintándolos de fuego. El sonido de todo es diferente en otoño.
    Cocinar pizza, sopas y esas comidas para los días fríos, dormir bien tapado con las frazadas y tener ganas de seguir durmiendo un ratito más a la hora de levantarse 🙂
    La melancolía del otoño es hermosa, donde todo comienza a guardarse para volver a renacer meses después con todos los colores y nuevos perfumes.
    El otoño es la estación muy cosquillosa.


    1. Que relajante leer esto, cada sensación se amplifica en Otoño, es tan hermoso encontrarle la magia a todo, te hace ver la vida de otra forma, especial, única, ya que cada estación es distinta y nunca se va a repetir de la misma forma!
      Muchas gracias, te deseo un día fenomenal 🍄🌰🍂


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