Feeling like crap? maybe you need a trip (7 TIPS)

In my last post I talked about soul starvation, a progressive feeling of apathy and sadness which usually enters our lives after dealing with long term stress, grief, illness, the end of a relationship, job loss or any other significantly stressful situation. I referred to this process as soul starvation because that is exactly how your soul feels after going through a tough time. Perhaps you have shown strenght to face the urgency of the moment but deep inside something changed and once the difficult time is over, you are left with nothing. You no longer enjoy activities that you once loved and nothing seems to make sense. You feel confused, empty and hurt most of your days, you are irritable and small things annoy you, but still you cannot seem to grasp the underlying cause of your suffering. Sounds familiar? Then you might be suffering from soul starvation.

  1. Good news, there is a lot you can do about it. Desperate times call for desperate measures. The first thing to keep in mind, though, is that if you think you might be suffering from anxiety,depression and any other significant mental health issues, seeking professional help is the first step to deal with the causes and truly heal.If you have already taken care of it and you still feel like your soul is starving, then you might need to explore the amazingly healing powers of travel.
    In ancient times, people went on all sorts of trips and pilgrimages as a way of healing, to restore faith and to find a new purpose in life. Travelling can help you break unhealthy patterns and organize your ideas so that you can make better choices for your life and for yourself.
    Here is a small list of tips to help you organize your perfect getaway.
    download1. Choose something you can afford. Depending on your budget, you can decide to go on a long-distance trip or on a short one but either ways, be sure that you are going to benefit from it, as travelling is one of the most soul-filling activities in the whole world. It doesn’t matter if it’s the other side of the world or the same region you live in. People fall in this mind trap of wanting to go on the most epic trip in the world when marvellous things can be found around the corner.
    Alone or with a friend, by train, car or airplane, make sure you take the longest break you can possibly afford and try to enjoy and absorb the energy of every place you visit.
  2. Try to spend time in nature, whether you are close to a lake, a mountain or an ocean, make sure you wonder around for a while, capturing the pure energy of nature. Let it heal you and hit your reset button.
  3. Things get worse before getting better. Let’s face it, breaking unhealthy patterns is not easy and you might feel uncomfortable the first days of your trip. Do not panic if that happens, as at that point your soul might be releasing the toxic memories and you will feel better as your trip progresses, because your past will hurt less and eventually no longer hurt.
  4. Keep a travel journal. Once you hit the road, every place you visit will start talking to you and you might start understanding more about yourself and the direction you need to take in order to live a healthier, happier life. Make sure you write everything down on your journal so that you won’t forget about those teachings once you’re back to your regular routine.
  5. Visit sacred places and art museums. Wherever you are, try to visit a couple of sacred places. It might be a church or a temple, take to explore and enjoy the lovely energy in there. Same thing applies to museums, choose the one which matches your interest and enjoy every second.
  6. Jump on that rollercoaster. Your soul has been dry for a long time. Chances are, you haven’t been nice to yourself in a long time. You’ve put others ahead of you and just like a plant with no water, you’ve felt down and tired. That is why you probably need a good adrenaline rush. Try to visit an amusement park, connect with your inner child! Don’t be afraid to jump on a rollercoaster and enjoy yourself as you haven’t done in years. The fun and excitement is well deserved.
    7. DO NOT FORGET! Once you get back from your trip, write down a list of good resolutions for the next six-twelve months. Include a little note to your future self with quick advices on how to face potentially challenging situations now that you feel calm and positive.
    If you like to draw or paint, try to reproduce the most meaningful part of your trip on paper and canvas. If you’re a musician or a dancer, write a song or choreography based on the energy you felt during those days. This way you’ll always have something tangible to look at when you feel stressed out.

20-grandcanyon-42-45938276-crop-660x420I hope you enjoyed reading this article. I could keep going for pages and pages, so do let me know if you want to read more tips like the ones I mentioned here.
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Thank you for being so special.
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3 thoughts on “Feeling like crap? maybe you need a trip (7 TIPS)

  1. Chica linda! de verdad tienes demasiado para compartir y enseñar, si, eso mismo! puedes enseñar mediante tus experiencias tal como lo estás haciendo aquí mismo, y no es diferente a lo que puede escribir un terapéuta o un profesional, hasta es mejor porque escribes desde la experiencia, el conocimiento y el alma, esa palabra tan olvidada hoy en día.
    Me encantó lo de la montaña rusa! ojalá pudiera ahora mismo jaja 😦 pero es así, cuando somos adultos poco a poco perdemos la capacidad para “jugar” y darnos esos empujones de adrenalina que nos hacen sentir vivos, de hecho las cosas inoportunas o bien diferentes que no teniamos en los planes nos sacan de una situación de estancamiento, es como el balde de agua fría en la cara que nos despierta.
    Esa frase de “Las cosa empeoran antes de mejorar” por momentos quisiera creerla más, porque a veces cuando uno cree que no puede ser peor, empeora! 😦 pero igual es tan positiva la frase que da un sentido de esperanza y fuerza, y eso estás haciendo en los videos y en este blog, transmitir positividad y sentimientos para que la vida no sea tan pesada, y no tiene que serlo en realidad, a veces nosotros hacemos de la vida algo más complicado de lo que parece.
    Hay una escritora muy interesante, que escribe precisamente muy bien y a la que da gusto leer sobre estos temas y muchos más, eres tú!
    Sigue escribiendo que es un gusto leerte Kiara!


  2. Excellent and very thoughtful article with some great ideas. It has certainly given me something to think about – I need a holiday badly!


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