The ASMRTIST Review: Shinobiwhispers

Hello, my lovely friends! I am finally here with another ASMRtist Review!
Tonight, I will be talking about a special friend and I have looked forward to write a post about him.

Let me introduce you to Shinobiwhispers & Selina! (Link to channel down below)

Shinobi is one of the first friends that I have made in the ASMR Community and so far one of the most original content creators I have met.  Last year, we made a special Halloween video, have a look :3

Since then, Shinobi has kept on making a wide range of roleplays, showing his staggering creativity and technical skills.

The quantity of costumes used in these soothing videos is impressive: ninja, spiderman, the crow, batman, joker, lord of the rings, you can find a little bit of everything. Every video is well planned and carefully arranged for a full ASMR experience.

If you are fan of Death Note, you will enjoy this roleplay, where Shinobi plays the part of L

He also has some more traditional ASMR videos, including drawing, eating, crunching and other triggers:

And now, let’s talk about Selina. The evolution of this character has been impressive. Like the right spice is capable of bringing out the flavour of any food, Selina brings out the awesomeness of  Shinobi, expressing his ASMR talents at its full potential.
The first video starring Selina, introduced us to a drunk, aunt-like woman:

Little by little, this character has grown up, adopting a pin-up, confident, sensual style:

The ear to ear fragments to avoid the aggressive hair dryer sounds is just the touch of je-ne-sais-quoi that makes  Shinobiwhisper one of the most talented ASMRtists I know.
He has such a big, kind, generous and noble heart. Always willing to leave a nice comment and positive feedback on everybody’s work. He has also made videos involving animals and animal shelters. Here the latest one:

Shinobi and Selina, in my mind, represent the unique personality and originality of this community.
Making ASMR videos is not a simple task and mixing it up with so many different elements is fantastic.

If you do not know this ASMRtist, please subscribe and support Shinobi’s channel!
Do not lose the opportunity to meet such a special friend.
He is very close to 2000 subscriptions and  deserves more and more.

Thank you for reading, for your support, kindness and generosity.
I hope you liked this post and you will get many tingles watching Shinobiwhisper’s videos!


A few funny snaphots of Selina




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