Happy Birthday to MinxLaura123


Hello, my lovely friends!

Today,  I would like to wish a magical Happy Birthday to my awesome friend and fellow ASMRtist MinxLaura123! 

Before beginning with this post, both praise and presentation of this lovely lady, here is a cute picture of her, just because she is beautiful:

Lovely MinxLaura
Lovely MinxLaura
  • So let’s talk about Minxy:
    She is from the UK and she has two co-stars on her channel who frequently appear in her videos,
    her phenomenal Mummy123 and her lovely boyfriend Nathan123.
    Needless to say, her videos are pampering, tingly and soothing; the best thing about Laura is that she truly believes in what she does and she is one of the most reliable ASMRtists and Youtubers I know.
    She creates a lot of different content for us, ranging from roleplays to real massages and relaxing tag videos or vlogs  where you can find out more about her.If you have the chance to speak to her, you will find out that she is the sweetest girl on this planet, beautiful, caring and really innocent in a much deeper level than I am able to explain.We often send each other gifts and record the process of unboxing them. A month ago or so, she made a wonderful video for me, wearing the earrings I sent her! Take a look:
    ASMR Qualities of MinxLaura123 
  • From a qualitative point of view, Laura records with a Blue Yeti microphone, omnidirectional and very clear in sound.
  • She makes videos constantly and never fails to upload them on time, regardless where she is or how busy she might be. She always finds time for her viewers and friends.
    She recorded herself riding her car, cooking and you really feel involved in her daily life.
  • She reads Tarots and has made lots of Dark/Witch Roleplays, take a look:
  • She has many Alter Egos or characters that she plays. Some of them appear individually and others stay. One of her character’s name is Dolly and she is a very bubbly, self-ironic, a comical girl with a strong accent, outgoing and “new” to ASMR. Here she is:
    Laura relaxes everyone she meets, even… animals! Here is a video where she pets a kitten: 

    Her favourite type of videos is probably the Hair Cut Roleplay, she has done many of those. You cannot say to have experienced an ASMR hair cut Roleplay if you did not see Minxy’s versions! Here is a sneak peak 

    She is also really good with Mouth Sounds, Tingly words and Assorted Sounds!

    And last but not least, she can really make you smile and give you some highly comical moments! Just go to her channel and look for:


    Here is the video I made for Laura a while ago:

    Well, let’s all wish HAPPY BIRTHDAY to this fantastic girl and please, Subscribe to her channel and follow her on the marvellous ASMR Journey!

With Minxy, you will never feel alone, you will always have new content and giggle a lot. She is an amazing friend and Laura, if you are reading this, do know that Kiki adores You and your videos.
You have done amazingly well and everyone loves you for who you are. Never change, be yourself and I wish you all the aknowledgements and  happiness of the world.
Thank you for being so special! Happy Birthday! Mewwww 


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Hello! I am Kiki and I make ASMR videos on youtube. My aim is to relax you and tingle you! I am a translator who also happens to write a lot. Being a writer has always been my lifelong dream. I am also very fond of languages. I hope you will have fun on my website! Love and hugs Kiki

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